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    Congratulations to Perlong Medical “XF-1C”
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    Congratulations to Perlong Medical “XF-1C”

        The eleventh five-year”major project is “ appropriate technology and products application of Rural Health” ---- “appropriate collection of technology and products application of Rural Health Service(family planning)”. This program is investigated in all project locations and proved by experts in many aspects. And the first batch which is planned to promote the appropriate technology of the rural family planning and healthy reproduction has been chosen.

    “XF-1C” is produced by Nanjing Perlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is belonged to Perlong Medical. This type point in foreign aid products by the United Nations Population Fund, but is also the winning product that Chinese Physician Medical Association supporting loan projects in the Midwest in the successful products. It applies to rural family planning service stations and other technical services.

       The Program developed and compiled clinical handbook that matching the machine. The clinical handbook is depending on the need and present situation of Family Planning Service Station for rural towns.During the program, it was used and completed in the Family Planning Service Station of Hongya, Meishan, Si Chuan Province.

       XF-1C Hemoglobin Meter wins a good reputation of Industry expert and users by its mature technology and outstanding properties.

       Technology Maturity: “XF-1C” Hemoglobin Meter adopt Advanced photoelectric measurement system,small cross-contamination, with automatic temperature compensation function,good stability,and accurate measurement. The machine has a function of memory calibration; a calibration can be automatically stored, simple operation, without multiple corrections, save the calibration reagent, and measurement convenience.

      Clinical  Application: It apply to Family Planning Service Station for rural towns testing Blood Routine such as  IUD placement examination before surgery, or reproductive health examination and the diagnosis of corresponding disease. It also provides reference for clinical diagnosis

      Perlong Medical is harmony with Country Program tocompile the Clinical Handbook of “XF-1C” Hemoglobin Meter which guide technician to use “XF-1C” Hemoglobin Meter scientifically.

      This Handbook introduces the situation of the clinical application of the Hemoglobin Meter including principle of work; use condition and sketch map; debug and Calibrate;operation steps;care and maintenance; Common Problem and Solution and so on. The content is brief and to the point, and it is very intelligible to effectively promote family planning service stations in rural towns, clinics and other basic units using Clinical Laboratories equipment; extending the service of the clinical Laboratories equipment; improving the work efficiency of the medical staff; raising the accuracy of the inspection findings; is more scientific and accurate to diagnose of the patient's condition; is truly achieved “people-oriented”; practing the purpose of Perlong Medical “Cherish Your life and Care about Your Health”.

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