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    PLX8500E/F -500μ High Frequency Digital Radiograph


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    Used for the digital photography of patient’s chest,abdomen,bone and soft tissue.

    High Frequency Digital Radiography System


    Shortest exposure time in the world

    High speed imaging to reduce artifacts

    Low dose care the health of doctors and patients

    High-power and large heat capacity to ensure perfect image(260KHZ,1000mA)

    Integrated image chain design to reduce dose

    Seamless integrate with PACS for information sharing and remote diagnosis

    Remote system maintenance function

    Self-diagnosis and fault code displaying for accurately locate problem and has self-protection function

    2000 APR settings for quick positioning(maximum in the market)

    Dual energy subtraction is optional

    The whole body image stitching function (optional)

    Both knees Weight bearing

    Foot LAT

    Cervical lateral


    Lumbar AP

    Lumbar lateral

    High quality images help you make accurate diagnosis

    Fast Positioning, high efficiency

    Intelligent Moving system

    Detector 90° rotation to meet a variety of special angle Radiography needs

    180°large angle rotation of X-ray tube match with other imaging equipment for rapid imaging

    Electrical cabinet integrated in machine—save space

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